SERIES6Moisture Target™ Series 6

SERIES6Moisture Target™ Series 6

Model No.︰SERIES6 MTS6

Brand Name︰GE

Country of Origin︰United States

Unit Price︰US $ 1000 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Measurement & Control Solutions
Moisture Target™
Series 6
Moisture Analyzer
• Low-cost, single-channel hygrometer for OEM
• M Series moisture probe or VeriDri moisture
transmitter compatible
• NEMA 4 weatherproof membrane front display/
• Built-in isolated current or voltage analog output
• MicroSD card for logging data up to 32 GB
• Panel-mount and board-level confi gurations
• Fail-safe fault alarm relay
• Two Form C measurement alarm relays
• Upgrades from MTS5 with adaptor face plate
This single-channel analyzer measures moisture
in compressed air and gases. Designed for
permanent installations, it is used in conjunction
with M Series moisture probe or VeriDri moisture
transmitter for air/gas dryer original equipment
manufacturer (OEM) applications:
• Regenerative desiccant air or gas dryers
• Plastic drying applications prior to injection/
• Medical air dryers
• Glove box monitoring
Low Cost, Real-Time
Moisture Measurement
The Moisture Target Series 6 is an economical, single
channel, aluminum oxide hygrometer in the Moisture
Series line of analyzers. It is intended for OEM
applications requiring low-cost, accurate, real-time
moisture measurement.
Improves OEM Product
The Moisture Target Series 6 can signifi cantly
enhance the performance of OEM products by
allowing closed-loop control of moisture. For
example, in a regenerative dryer application it
can improve effi ciency by initiating desiccant bed
regeneration when needed, rather than on an openloop
timed cycle.
The panel-mount Moisture Target Series 6 comes
in a compact DIN standard meter housing for
applications where space is at a premium. The case
slides directly into the panel cutout, and is held in
place from the rear by captive screws.
The Moisture Target Series 6 can be supplied with
a bezel adaptor to allow installation into existing
Moisture Target Series 5 panel cut-outs.
Uses M Series Probes and
VeriDri Transmitter
The Moisture Target Series 6 uses M Series
aluminum oxide moisture sensor probe or VeriDri
moisture transmitter. M Series probes and VeriDri
transmitter are rugged and accurate true absolute
humidity sensors with calibration traceable to NIST.
Exceptional dynamic range, speed of response and
calibration stability have made the aluminum oxide
sensor the standard for performance and value in
industrial moisture measurement for more than 40

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